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Invisalign LogoInvisalign can also be referred to as clear braces. Invisalign uses clear aligners which are custom moulded to fit you.
The aligners are almost invisible and cleverly work to realign your teeth and give you the perfect smile.

Invisalign aligners wont irritate your mouth like braces do. No metal wires or elastic bands pulling at your teeth and causing discomfort. People are unlikely to guess that your teeth have aligners on them.


Patients undergoing Invisalign treatments just follow these simple steps:-

  • Remove aligners when eating or brushing.
  • Change aligners every two weeks.
  • Have regular progress checks with their dentists.
  • By following these steps results are often seen in 12 months.

The fact that over 500, 000 people have used Invisalign tells you how popular they are. Let us at Cannock Road Dentist Practice give you a smile you really be proud of.


We offer a free no obligation consultation where you will be guided through the treatment and the likely results. What's more before you commit to treatment you have the opportunity to actually see the end result with Invisalign's 3D Clincheck video.



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