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Tooth Whitening - Zoom Advanced Power!

Zoom Teeth WhiteningEveryone wants whiter looking teeth. Even with brushing, over the years teeth can get stained from coffee, smoking and alcohol like red wine. The teeth whitening procedure counteracts these stains well and helps to give you a glowing smile.

Aiming to giving you perfect teeth whitening and knowing how important it is to you, we achieve this by using ZOOM! – Advanced Power. Zoom is America's Number 1 Tooth Whitening System and is something that Cannock Road Dental Practice uses.

Today people are not wanting their teeth just cleaned and polished they want whiter looking teeth. This is something that
be achieved at our practice by using Zoom! Advanced Power.

In less than an hour your teeth are whiter, brighter and look stunning. Zoom! and the amazing results it produces is safe, effective and known world wide among dental professionals as it has been fundamental for creating whiter teeth, its the same system used on Extreme Makeover!







How long does the Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening procedure take?

Zoom Laser tooth whitening using the Zoom 2 advanced system takes about an hour with the patient getting three fifteen minute sessions with the Zoom tooth whitening laser.


How white will my teeth go?

This depends on a lot of factors such as teeth composition, age, and how white your teeth are already. The average improvement with Zoom advanced laser whitening is between eight and ten shade changes.


How much does Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening cost?

Zoom 2 Advanced Laser Tooth Whitening costs £295.00. Our initial no obligation consultation has a fee of £20 which is deducted from the £295.00 should you wish to proceed.


I have white fillings, crowns or veneers at the front of my mouth do they whiten?

Unfortunately dental work such as veneers and crowns don't whiten and may need to be replaced if you would like a whiter smile.


How long does Laser tooth whitening last?
This depends on diet. Curry, ketchup, red wine and coffee will stain your teeth. Your teeth may always be whiter but will darken over time with staining.


Do I need to visit you before my appointment?

Yes we always do an initial consultation before your appointment, this involves assessing your suitability, explaining the procedure and likely result. Examples of patient treatments will be shown.